Meeting with the CTA

Today I had the privelege of meeting with the directors of the Cobourg Taxpayer's Association (CTA) for breakfast. We all got know eachother a little bit, and I was able to ask the CTA several questions to gauge where their interests are, how our Town Council could be improved, and Cobourg in general. A lot of feedback was given and I took some notes. I found the meeting very helpful and eye-opening. I was questioned and grilled myself thereafter! It was all very cordial and courteous, and I tried to answer the CTA's questions to the best of my ability and understanding.

Most all of us enter into elections as amateurs, with no guaranteed prospects. Besides the huge committment to the campaign, there's a lot of work to research and hope that by doing the best you can, you won't be caught with your pants down at the 'gotcha' question. During the recent provincial elections, we all probably remember when Doug Ford was asked if he could explain how a bill is passed. He couldn't. 

Watching a recent council meeting got me interested in the process, as council deliberated for at least over a half an hour how a motion should be ammended and passed with clarification from the clerk needed several times. Consequently, I have been looking into how the Town Council process is governed, and found it's governed according to Robert's Rules (a 100+ document). Members of the CTA also said they find something new in it every time and have been at it (for three years) and it can really only be learned through practice.

In summary, rules are complex and the issues Cobourg residents face numerous.

Politics has shown in the past that it's not always the brightest minds or most informed that end up getting elected, rather those with the most money, connections, appearance, etc.

I wish to thank the CTA once again for this meeting.


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