Spiral Wishing Well at our Beach

I have to commend our town for the excellent beach bar and live music at the canteen area by the beach. I have visited it several times, and it was packed every time. Who doesn't enjoy sunshine, live music and drinks with a beautiful view of the lake!? With Cobourg's beach becoming more and more popular to visitors, there's a strain on resources; on tax payers. The upkeep of the beach (grooming, dredging, landscaping, garbage collection, life guards, etc.) is expensive. Generating extra revenue for the town's coffers through the beach bar is an excellent idea. 

Wouldn't it be nice though, if there was a method to collect money (without soliciting) from visitors with no maintenance or overhead, and a small one-time modest investment? I believe there is. The spiral wishing well is used all over the world to collect donations. The town could install one near the canteen area and have a simple sign on the well with text such as:


If I were a guest visiting the beautiful beach, I would have no problem (after buying something at the canteen and having no pockets on my bathing suit to put the change) throwing my extra change into the wishing well! In fact, people from all over the world are like-minded (Over $1 billion worth of coins have been tossed into these coin funnels for every imaginable type of charity/project). To me, it's a no-brainer. From Spiral Wishing Well (source):

'Although we cannot guarantee the amount of money Spiral Wishing Wells will raise, after many years of experience and observations, we CAN guarantee the following:

  • Children and adults will love tossing in coins and watching them spiral around the funnel. Wells are fun.
  • Wells generally pay for themselves very quickly. Even in marginal foot-traffic locations they will return a nice profit.
  • Wells require very little effort, especially compared to organized fund raising campaigns.
  • Wells do not "solicit" customers, so they will not feel uncomfortable if they pass by without dropping in coins.
  • Wells solve a fund-raising challenges for stores.
  • Wells are the best fund-raising device of all time!'

These are the kinds of ideas I like to brainstorm to help the Town of Cobourg, and would attempt to implement shall I be elected councillor. 


wellIt is my understanding this has been attempted before behind Victoria Hall on the South side of the historic train station. In my opinion, a couple of problems with this implementation is that:

  1. The money can easily be taken.
  2. It's not in the most ideal spot.
  3. There's no very visible sign to its intention.

A centrally located spiral wishing well on Cobourg's beach would attract tens of thousands of pedestrians in the summer months. A sign stating its intention (for donations) would be advisable.


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