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I just wanted to give a quick report about the Sustainable Cobourg all candidates meeting on Friday, Oct. 12th at Venture 13.

Firstly, thank you Gigi and Sustainable Cobourg for organizing and hosting this event! It's a great initiative. I think for many of the candidates (that made it), it was probably the most challenging meeting as sustainability is a highly complex issue, and I believe one requires a decent background or understanding of science to formulate appropriate responses. The forum was well attended (approximately 150 people), with extra seats beings set outside. Unfortunately for those sitting outside of the lecture hall, I heard many complaints that all speakers were inaudible. Perhaps a speaker could also be put into the hallway next time...

The whole event was scheduled to be two hours. It started about 10 minutes late and Sustaniable Cobourg's chair (Gigi) gave a lengthy introduction. Following this, each candidate present was allotted 2 minutes to introduce themselves and talk about ways they would enhance sustainability in Cobourg. Next, questions were posed to the candidates from a pre-determined set outlined by the sustainable committee. After, written audience questions were taken. 

I'm just alluding to the time factor, because there were 9 candidates present, and each had time for a 2 minute intro. So, including the slightly late start, and chair's introduction, approximately 40 minutes was taken up! That left about 80 minutes left. So, if all candidates answered 4 questions worth two minutes, then (9*4*2) the time would be all used up. What I am trying to say is, I prepared myself very well for this event, and was not even able to say half of what i wanted to! This is not the fault of the orgranizers or participants, it's just the way it is - afterall, who wants to sit in a room longer than two hours for this!?

For this reason, I am posting my ideas and research here for the electorate to read... I try to be open and transparent, and also did this for the Affordable Housing event. Have a nice read, and consider me when you vote please!

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Sustainable Cobourg byKarl


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