Elect Karlfor Councillor!

Elect Karlfor Councillor!

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Due Diligence

I was born and raised in Cobourg and have lived most of my life here. Cobourg is the envy of visitors from all over the world - with good reason. The excellent management of our town is something I would wish to uphold as a potential councillor and continue Cobourg's legacy as the 'feel good town'.

This website is intended for the electorate of Cobourg who wish to learn more about me. I feel that people should know who they're voting for, and this information is to help in that regard shall they or myself not be able to meet in person.

My full name is Karl vom Dorff. My surname is difficult to pronounce so it's easier for people to just use my first name. I was born and raised in Cobourg and have lived in our beautiful town most of my life. I am single, male, and almost forty years old this year!

My Blog

Meeting with the Cobourg Dragon Boat & Canoe Club
22 August 2018

Meeting with the Cobourg Dragon Boat & Canoe Club

Yesterday the head coach of the Cobourg Dragon Boat & Canoe Club reached out to me to invite me to view the 'U11/U13 Western Ontario Division Canoe Kayak Championships' and to learn more about Cobourg's club. 

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14 August 2018

Meeting with the CTA

Today I had the privelege of meeting with the directors of the Cobourg Taxpayer's Association (CTA) for breakfast. We all got know eachother a little bit, and I was able to ask the CTA several questions to gauge where their interests are, how our Town Council could be improved, and Cobourg in general. A lot of feedback was given and I took some notes. I found the meeting very helpful and eye-opening. I was questioned and grilled myself thereafter! It was all very cordial and courteous, and I tried to answer the CTA's questions to the best of my ability and understanding.

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Increasing Accessibility Awareness in Cobourg
08 August 2018

Increasing Accessibility Awareness in Cobourg

Let's face it - Cobourg has an aging demographic (source). If we are all lucky to live long fulfilling lives, chances are we'll have physical ailments. Be it a limp, loss of vision, dependence on a walker/wheelchair, etc. You can really only fathom the position of being disabled, when you're actually disabled.

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15 September 2018

Karl vom Dorff's 2018 Election Campaign Song for Cobourg Council

Dear Cobourg! This might be a first - a candidate writing a song about his home town for the elections! After months of reading, making ads, campaigning, planting lawn signs, I needed a break... I turn to music to relax.

This video's background track has a song that I wrote, composed, and recorded myself (here in Cobourg of course), with my own Cobourg material (videos and photos). A good friend helped with the guitar track, I did the rest on my synthesizer.

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Sustainable Cobourg
15 October 2018

Sustainable Cobourg

I just wanted to give a quick report about the Sustainable Cobourg all candidates meeting on Friday, Oct. 12th at Venture 13.

Firstly, thank you Gigi and Sustainable Cobourg for organizing and hosting this event! It's a great initiative. I think for many of the candidates (that made it), it was probably the most challenging meeting as sustainability is a highly complex issue, and I believe one requires a decent background or understanding of science to formulate appropriate responses. The forum was well attended (approximately 150 people), with extra seats beings set outside. Unfortunately for those sitting outside of the lecture hall, I heard many complaints that all speakers were inaudible. Perhaps a speaker could also be put into the hallway next time...

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10 August 2018

Which Degrees are Most Difficult to Attain?

According to thebestcollege.org, a biology degree is the most difficlut degree to attain: 'A biology major can prepare students for careers in the medical and science fields. Some biology majors pursue graduate education or certifications. However, biology is one of the hardest college majors, as coursework generally emphasizes difficult topics including chemistry, physiology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

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Cobourg Yacht Club Responses
17 October 2018

Cobourg Yacht Club Responses

The Cobourg Yacht Club sent me a series of questions they needed addressed for information purposes to help their decision making process with respect to councillor candidates.

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27 September 2018

All candidates at the Salvation Army

I'm just posting my handout from the all candidates meeting at the Salvation Army regarding affordable housing. Click the PDF below for my thoughts and plans.


For what it's worth, I found this article extremely helpful in identifying endless examples of what municipalities can do in terms of affordable housing (click below): 

The municipal role in meeting Ontario's affordable housing needs

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How I rate my strengths and weaknesses

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We can't all be good at everything, and there's always someone smarter than you in the room! Below is a subjective display/rating on how I place my strengths and weaknesses.



Information Technology




Math & Accounting


Written Communication






Platform Focus

  • Infrastructure

    Maintain and improve our town's infrastructure.

  • Housing

    Brainstorm and implement affordable housing investment in Cobourg. 

  • Aging/Access

    Increase long term care beds and increase accessibility in Cobourg.

  • Finances

    Keeping tabs on the budget via expenditures and savings

This is a limited example of my core focus. I will further explain my platform and campaign through my blog
in the coming weeks, including my support for important local organizations such as the CTA, DBIA, Rotary Club, Lion's Club, Knights of Columbus etc.


Have your say, vote Karl for Councillor.

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